More bakes for Christmas

Here are more cakes and cookies that I baked for this Christmas. 

Classic Butter Cake

The cake below is a one kg Classic Butter cake frosted with butter cream icing. The customer just let me do any Christmas themed design on the cake. I always love red and green (err..The Cookie Cat's colours :)). So, here's the outcome..

Steamed Fruit Cake

We have always been selling our steamed fruit cakes as they are i.e. without any icing. This is because the cakes are just lovely as they are, rich and moist :) For this Christmas, a customer has requested that we cover the cake with fondant and decorate it with poinsettia. 

The steamed fruit cake before being iced.

I use honey to coat the cake before covering it with fondant because I don't have apricot jam (I have to read up on this as this is my first time using fondant to cover a fruit cake).

The steamed fruit cake after being decorated. I use royal icing to do the Christmas wreath and pionsettias. I had written Merry Christmas on it but forgot to take a photo of one with the greeting. 

Gingerbread Cookies

What is Christmas without the all time favourite Gingerbread man cookies? The cookies are good on their own but look lovely with the royal icing decoration.

Turn the cookies around and decorate them as reindeer cookies :)

Here are some Santa cookies too. They are so cute ya :)

Well, it is so much fun baking these!!

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