It's our birthday yet again! The Cookie Cat turns 2 years old today— which means closing up our little bake shop in Subang Jaya and moving back home for a new beginning. My mother Z will be baking from home and she's pretty excited about it. Just in case you're curious:

Q: Why close the shop? Is business bad? 

A: Not at all, we're grateful to be regularly blessed with awesome customers and familiar faces :) It's simply because we want to move back home, that's all.

Q: Why move back home? 

A: Well for starters, we've been home less and less. I suppose after two years in a small shop, we do get homesick. If we're at home more I'd imagine some of the things we could do would be to

  • chill out on the couch
  • play with kittens in the back garden
  • push furniture around
  • maybe have friends over
  • experiment with more recipes
  • open up a flea market on weekends once in awhile
  • make delivery trips according to custom orders
  • make delivery trips according to areas, eg. Putrajaya
  • make delivery trips to offices (would you like it if we packed lunch for you & colleagues?)
  • look into supplying baked goodies for other places
— all in between baking for you and everyone else. By going back to our roots, the possibilities seem endless, and that's what we find most exciting.

Q: Where is home?

A: We live in Sri Hartamas— right between the Damansara suburbs and the KL city center— so we personally feel this makes us far more accessible for pick-ups and deliveries compared to Subang Jaya.

Q: Does this mean I can't buy just one cookie anymore? 

A: Of course you can! Even if Z is busy with custom orders, chances are we'll still have a few jars of fresh cookies in our kitchen just for people like you :) Just text, email or call TheCookieCat to ask what she has.

Lots of love & looking forward,


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