away for the weekend!

I won't be in KL this weekend, so place a phone order or an email order if you're craving :)

we WILL be at Amcorp Mall this weekend!

The Cookie Cat was on a little break, but now we're back! And for those allergic to nuts, we've made a improvised version of our chocolate chip cookies with no nuts and more chocolate. I'd consider it a success because my daughters have been dunking them in milk every night.

Also, we've changed our number to 019 3536350, so if you have our old business card, come drop by and get our new one :)

See you at Amcorp Mall this weekend!


an example of our special packaging

I got my first special order of two fruitcakes as an engagement present two weeks ago! Since it was for a unique occasion, I decided to have fun and try a different style of packaging. I thought it turned out nicely.

here's what our cookies look like!

Click on the photos for a bigger version.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
available in amounts of 200g and 300g

Chocolate Chip Cookies
up really close!

The Peanut Cookies
available in 400g


crunchy and easy on the spicy