Red Velvet Cupcakes and Rich Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella and Roasted Almonds

Someone has been having cravings for these cupcakes and requested us to bake them for a Christmas dinner.

On the left: Red velvet cupcakes frosted with cream cheese icing. On the right: Rich chocolate cupcakes frosted Nutella and roasted almonds

If you had to pick... could you?

Wedding cupcakes

The theme is green and white for these "hantaran" or wedding cupcakes. I had put calla lillies on these Classic Butter cupcakes and piped white dots royal icing on the green fondant too.

More bakes for Christmas

Here are more cakes and cookies that I baked for this Christmas. 

Classic Butter Cake

The cake below is a one kg Classic Butter cake frosted with butter cream icing. The customer just let me do any Christmas themed design on the cake. I always love red and green (err..The Cookie Cat's colours :)). So, here's the outcome..

Steamed Fruit Cake

We have always been selling our steamed fruit cakes as they are i.e. without any icing. This is because the cakes are just lovely as they are, rich and moist :) For this Christmas, a customer has requested that we cover the cake with fondant and decorate it with poinsettia. 

The steamed fruit cake before being iced.

I use honey to coat the cake before covering it with fondant because I don't have apricot jam (I have to read up on this as this is my first time using fondant to cover a fruit cake).

The steamed fruit cake after being decorated. I use royal icing to do the Christmas wreath and pionsettias. I had written Merry Christmas on it but forgot to take a photo of one with the greeting. 

Gingerbread Cookies

What is Christmas without the all time favourite Gingerbread man cookies? The cookies are good on their own but look lovely with the royal icing decoration.

Turn the cookies around and decorate them as reindeer cookies :)

Here are some Santa cookies too. They are so cute ya :)

Well, it is so much fun baking these!!

Merry Christmas!

We would like to wish a very Merry Christmas to all our Christian friends and customers. Enjoy your joyous occasion with your loved ones! Here are more of the bakes that we did for this Christmas celebrations.

This is a one kg Classic Butter cake with buttercream icing and decorated with Christmas themed edible images (at the sides of the cake) and non-edible Christmas toppers (reindeer, Santa Claus, snowman, and trees :))

Classic butter cupcakes to add to the celebration ..

Have a safe but fun celebration ya :)

It's Christmas time again :)

Gosh, time really flies this year. It's been a year of changes at The Cookie Cat, with the relocation of business and all. But I'm now more focused in doing what I love to do and that's baking! With the tremendous support from all of you, I've been as busy as ever during this time of year.

I just finished baking and decorating these Christmas themed chocolate chip cookies today. A customer ordered them for a Christmas party at her office.

We have also recently packed some goodies for another office Christmas party. Each goodies pack has our best selling chocolate fudge brownies, red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing, and mocha chunk cookies. The goodies were distributed to the staff at their Christmas dinner.

I'm baking butter cakes now where some will be decorated with Christmas themes. I will post the photos at the next update. Hmmm...I'll be writing more nowadays as moving back home gives me that peace of mind and environment where I can write.

by hand

Dear Helen
Someone called today asking for a surprise delivery of assorted treats, and texted a thank you note to go along with it. We thought the recipient would appreciate some good old handwritten love— and we were right!

We're a Juice Best of 2011 Nominee!

What a pleasant surprise: we've been nominated for Best Hipster Hangout in Juice Magazine's Best of 2011! To be honest, we're not quite sure we'll win at all, but it doesn't even matter— having been to almost all the places on this list (and meeting the people who run them), this little 2 year old space in Subang Jaya is well proud to be in such great company! Thank you Juice for the nomination! Click on the image to cast your vote and take the rest of the poll. 

Now that we've closed up shop to move back home, we wonder if this means The Cookie Cat At Home will be a hipster hangout next ;)



It's our birthday yet again! The Cookie Cat turns 2 years old today— which means closing up our little bake shop in Subang Jaya and moving back home for a new beginning. My mother Z will be baking from home and she's pretty excited about it. Just in case you're curious:

Q: Why close the shop? Is business bad? 

A: Not at all, we're grateful to be regularly blessed with awesome customers and familiar faces :) It's simply because we want to move back home, that's all.

Q: Why move back home? 

A: Well for starters, we've been home less and less. I suppose after two years in a small shop, we do get homesick. If we're at home more I'd imagine some of the things we could do would be to

  • chill out on the couch
  • play with kittens in the back garden
  • push furniture around
  • maybe have friends over
  • experiment with more recipes
  • open up a flea market on weekends once in awhile
  • make delivery trips according to custom orders
  • make delivery trips according to areas, eg. Putrajaya
  • make delivery trips to offices (would you like it if we packed lunch for you & colleagues?)
  • look into supplying baked goodies for other places
— all in between baking for you and everyone else. By going back to our roots, the possibilities seem endless, and that's what we find most exciting.

Q: Where is home?

A: We live in Sri Hartamas— right between the Damansara suburbs and the KL city center— so we personally feel this makes us far more accessible for pick-ups and deliveries compared to Subang Jaya.

Q: Does this mean I can't buy just one cookie anymore? 

A: Of course you can! Even if Z is busy with custom orders, chances are we'll still have a few jars of fresh cookies in our kitchen just for people like you :) Just text, email or call TheCookieCat to ask what she has.

Lots of love & looking forward,


More things to come - a personal note from Z

It is already October 2011 and the quote on my Power Within desk calendar aptly says "Focus your strength and energy into what you do best and approach every challenge with determination". Exactly my thoughts especially in the past few months when I  start to look back at what The Cookie Cat has accomplished for the past two years.

The Cookie Cat's major business is still from orders that we received for custom cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and brownies for celebration of birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and for corporate gifts and baskets. Some of you would have noticed that I would be busy baking at the shop till late at nights (even on days when the shop is empty!). 

I would therefore like to focus on custom orders and deliver The Cookie Cat's goodies out to clients. I would also be exploring in putting out our goodies at certain places. To strengthen the focus and for more flexibility especially in terms of time, I have decided to operate the baking activities out of The Cookie Cat's home instead of the shop in Subang Jaya. Part of our home is being converted into a working cum baking studio. So The Cookie Cat will be moving out of Casa Tiara before end of this year.

That's the update that I would like to share for now - Z

The Cookie Cat Day Out!

The Cookie Cat will be attending 'A Day Out With MAKNA Kids: Bring Cheers & Share The Pain' at The Wet World in Shah Alam tomorrow! (That's Saturday the 1st of October).

The event is organized by our dear friend Dr Azma and team under Together We Can Make a Difference. So don't come find me at the shop. Instead you can join me at The Wet World or call TheCookieCat at! Anyone can come. The program starts at 8 in the morning.

For the event, I baked sunshine cookies for the kids. These are sugar cut-out cookies and I drew the happy sunshine on the cookies using royal icing - Z

After drawing the happy faces, I left the cookies out for the royal icing to dry. I just can't help but smile looking at these cookies :)

The cookies are then sealed in plastics and decorated with doilies and ribbons.

All the sunshine cookies go into a basket, ready to bring some cheer to the kids :)

Come join us tomorrow! 

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

We had been super duper busy completing all orders for Hari Raya that we forgot about an update in our blog. It is not too late to wish all our Muslim friends and customers a Selamat Hari Raya. We hope that everyone had a happy and joyous celebrations with their loved ones. 

The shop was closed for two weeks but we started taking orders again during the second week. This 3 kg orange was delivered for a department staff celebration of Hari Raya.

Just to share an update

Time flies when you enjoy doing what you do. It's been almost two years since I started The Cookie Cat; and the support that we received from all of you was tremendous!! The Cookie Cat family can't ever thank all of you enough :)

During this period, I have been able to assess our strengths and weaknesses and explore the opportunities and potentials. I have some plans in terms of our operations going forward where I would like to focus on baking and supply of our goodies. This is what we enjoy and what we do best and this is where we want to improve and grow.

Next month is already the holy month of Ramadhan. Muslims will be fasting during the period before celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri at the end of the month. The Cookie Cat shop operated till 9 pm last year during Ramadhan. However for this year, operating hours at the shop will be from 12 noon till 5 pm. I will be baking more from The Cookie Cat home in Sri Hartamas. For those of you in KL, you can arrange for pick up of your goodies from Sri Hartamas too!

So, that's the end of my update for now :)

Painting the town Red Velvet!

Our red velvet cakes and cupcakes have been  painting the town red (of course!!). They're moist and yummy; and we frost them with cream cheese icing.

Just to share our recent bakes for celebrations of birthdays, wedding anniversaries, reunions, or for no reason at all...just for one to indulge :)

 6 inch red velvet cake frosted with cream cheese icing and decorated with fresh strawberries

red velvet cupcakes just out from the oven
 the red velvet cupcakes fully frosted and decorated with sugar sprinkles

  9 inch red velvet cake for a birthday party

 this red velvet cake is additionally decorated with red macaroons and edible image

red velvet cupcakes can supplement the red velvet cake if you have more guests at the party

this is just a no frill 6 inch cake if you want to indulge :)

Spongebob party for a princess... or a belated Mother's Day write up

I've known the mother for a while, a lovely petite lady whom some thought to be only in her teens :)  I'm not sure how many miscarriages that she had gone through in trying to conceive a child. But after several attempts, a beautiful baby girl was born. She was aptly named Shya Putri (where "Putri" means Princess). After all the mother had gone through, lovely Putri is a miracle baby...and I feel so proud to do this birthday cake in celebration of her first birthday recently :) - Z

This is a 2 kg chocolate cake with chocolate icing and decorated with edible images of Spongebob and friends. From the photos that mommy subsequently put up for us to see, the whole party was themed in yellow and brown Spongebob decorations :)

Mommy was worried that the cake would not be enough for the guests. So she requested for some mini cupcakes as well. These are lemon mini cupcakes in Spongebob yellow and brown (chocolate icing) theme colours of course.