choc chip cookies as gifts

Instead of "bunga telur", a customer has decided to give our chocolate chip cookies to the guests at her wedding! We are thrilled :D

Gong Xi Fa Cai

We would like to wish all our Chinese customers and friends a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR. May the new year brings you much joy and happiness always. The Cookie Cat will be closed during the public holidays 14th and 15th February 2010. We'll open as usual on the 16th.

mocha chunks

Just realized that we have not posted photos of our mocha chunks cookies, here they are. If you're a chocolate lover, you would love these cookies..with chunks of chocolate, cocoa, and espresso..yummy! We also pack them in 5's. So.. you can share them with your loved ones :)

princesses and machine guns

Once upon a time, there were two sisters aged 4 and 3. The older sister wanted machine gun cupcakes while the younger sister loved princess cupcakes. We were confident that the younger sister would love our princess cupcakes but we were not too sure if the elder sister would even recognize the machine guns on her cupcakes :) But she did recognize them! and so did the other children in the kingdom who came to celebrate at their birthday party :D They had a great time where our big chewy choc chip cookies were also given out to the guests. They were happy, we were happy..and everyone lived happily ever after :D 

hantaran cupcakes

The cupcakes were done recently as a hantaran for an engagement. This time..the theme is peach and cream :)

our first blog mention

we think! Thank you peachdrug. We may have more phone clients, walk-ins, and twitters than actual blog posts written about us. I think this might be the first one we've found so far. Any others we might have missed?

"I am doing this out of sincerity & real lovin." - peachdrug

and we at The Cookie Cat sincerely appreciate it. thank you!