double comfort part 1

When you need something to perk you up, nothing is more comforting than ice-cream or cookies. To have both would be one of the greatest pleasures! With that, we proudly introduce our new sandwich: The Purr-fect Sandwich! It's our very own chewy cookies sandwiching a huge chunk of ice-cream, molded together with yummy gooey chocolate sauce! YUM.

cream cheese brownies

We're having a little taste-testing today for something you could be seeing on the menu really soon: cream cheese brownies. The taste-testing verdict? AWESOME. We're working on the pricing now, and hopefully will start selling it really soon. We already know a bunch of hungry boys eager to try these out.

Here's a webcam photo taken a few minutes ago, now floating around on Twitter:

Thanks Lainie! Here's a fun fact; she designed our cat logo update and therefore our shop sign.

(Lainie: so worth it, free brownies!)

Football themed cakes/cupcakes (Part 3) - just football, no club this time!


A walk-in customer came in this morning and requested for football designed cupcakes. Something simple, something blue, for a boy's birthday :)
How has your Mothers Day been?
We've been baking brownies, icing red velvet cupcakes, and also giving away these sets of treats to the five lucky winners of the BFM SMS contest. They were mostly male winners excited to give the cupcakes and cookies to their mothers, wives, and wives/mothers.
Speaking of wives, mothers, and wives/mothers; families of all kinds trickled into our shop today. We honestly can't remember if there were ever so many children in The Cookie Cat before. It was a lot of fun watching them choose what they wanted to eat! Enjoy the photos and have a great week.
PS: Spot Spongebob!

Thank you Aris Mohlis— one of our BFM contest winners— for The Cookie Cat's very first thank-you card! We've stuck it on our wall, and can't wait to put up more in the future. Have a great week everyone. Our shop closes in an hour. If you get the Monday blues tomorrow, you know where to find us!

- L.