We'll be closed from Tuesday, 7 September until Wednesday, 15 September for Aidilfitri celebrations. Already the shop is starting to look sleepier over the weekend. We've stopped baking cupcakes, so there'll only be cookies, brownies, blondies, sandwiches and hot meals in the shop till we're open again. Why the winding down? It's not that we've been slacking. Instead, our Raya orders have been overwhelming and deserve most of our attention. We wouldn't want anyone to be celebrating Aidilfitri with delayed cookie jars! It's been crazy keeping up with things. In fact, people are even taking our brownies and cookies on flights to Tanzania, Riyadh, Pakistan, and Houston Texas to share with their loved ones!

Today's surprise was a customer coming in to pick up her order, but decided on a whim to pick up the ENTIRE pan instead. So now we're baking more cream cheese brownies, and while waiting, we're getting back to work with these mountains of cookies.