count the cats!

A custom birthday cake order from a customer for her friend's birthday. She told us that her friend loves cats and the colour purple. This is what we came up with:

Yes, purple cats running on and around a rich butter cake. And Kaka is a nickname, of course!

Also, a regular customer of ours (vegetarian, loves our french toast) decided to mix it up a little a few days ago on her latest visit. She ordered thank-you cupcakes for her veterinarian, who went to great lengths to treat her cat. And so, here we have again coincidentally enough, MORE cats just a few days apart. We couldn't have made this up even if we wanted to (except the yummy stuff)!

But every day's a surprise here. It's one of the billions of reasons why we love what we do.

new (and possibly better!) directions to The Cookie Cat

We've had to give our fair share of directions over the phone to people trying to find us. Not that we don't like the phone calls, but over the months we feel we could probably give better directions to get here now than before. So here is a NEW visual companion to all those phone calls we've received:

If you use these photos to get here, tell us! We always appreciate feedback (and panicked phone calls).

our spaghetti bolognese

We've had a few people asking us for photos of our hot meals. Here's what we had today (Sunday) at the shop, spaghetti bolognese. The highlight of this hot meal is the really yummy beef sauce; it has just a hint of fire. We figured this demand for photos was just a great excuse as any for us to eat some ourselves...

Finally! A long-time favourite, shot for the first time. 

Thank you to our customers who came in to break fast with us at the cafe today!

goodies for Hari Raya

Looking for cookies and cakes for this Hari Raya? Our cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and blondies would be ideal for the celebration. We have peanut cookies, almond cookies, and the smaller version of our popular big soft cookies (chocolate chip cookies, double rich chocolate cookies and mocha chunk cookies). Price starts from RM15. 

You would not want to miss our classic butter cake, rich chocolate cake, and the yummy orange cake for the occasion too as they are simply delicious to serve with tea or coffee.

Check out our Goodies for Hari Raya photo album on our page in Facebook. Call or e-mail us fast to avoid  any disappointment :)

birthday of the year

A special birthday cake for The Person of the Year! This classic butter cake was ordered by a group of friends to surprise the birthday boy :)