more cupcakes

I received an order for simple yet classy engagement cupcakes, so I made these:

almond crisps.

I need to price these, but yes, they are for sale :) They are as delicious as they look!

The Cookie Cat will be at Mont Kiara's Sunday Flea Market!

Come and find us from 11am till the evening.

We're really hoping it won't rain like last week (which was depressing). New goodies to look out for tomorrow:
  • almond crisps. no, these aren't cookies! my daughter and her friend came over while I was making these and they couldn't help but steal a few while they were hot. But of course there's still more than enough left for you!
  • cornflake cookies. these are already fairly well known. You may have even made these yourself once, but you should really taste how we make them! A hundred of these sold out in just half an hour when my daughter sold them for her school's Canteen Day.
and parking costs RM1 per entry all day. as if you needed a few more reasons to swing by Mont Kiara tomorrow :)

pink duck cupcakes!

How adorable are these duck cupcakes? They were made by order for a client. I iced them in pink since she told me that was her favourite colour. The base for these cupcakes-- like all my cupcakes -- are derived from Cookie Cat cakes, in this case, the Classic Butter cake.

The new website makeover is officially done! Like it?