Butter cupcakes in the lead!

Well, butter cupcakes have been in the lead this week. Hmmm....somehow favourite colours requested are purple, yellow, and pink :)

a belated birthday surprise

This guy was not our customer this time around, but two of his friends were! Since they knew he was a long time Cookie Cat fan and there were cupcakes in stock, they bought three butter & three chocolate cupcakes to surprise him with over dinner! 

PS: He was surprised.

butter vs. chocolate: happy vs. happy?

This week's been a good good week for our cupcakes, they're just flying off left and right. It'd be interesting to see which will be the bigger favourite, our butter cupcakes or our chocolate ones! So far it's been about 50/50, and these six here sold today puts butter in the lead.

3 cupcakes go for RM10! Call us, and see if you can mix and match flavours (we have others besides butter & chocolate). It will be hard to find delicious cupcakes that just happen to be this affordable. Best coincidence ever? :)

steamed fruitcake! (and a little story)

There certainly is a difference between regular and steamed fruitcake. You might think RM25 for this yummy serving shown here is a little more pricey than everything else The Cookie Cat homebakes, but for a good reason! Sometimes we even tell the story of what makes our steamed fruitcake so valuable... a customer picked this very fruitcake up after gym a few minutes ago, and now she knows the story too :)

double trouble?

on the left, a jar of peanut cookies (RM20). on the right, chocolate chip (RM22). just two of many, sealed, sitting pretty, and ready to be taken home!

It's the wedding season!

It's the school holidays ... which means more wedding cupcakes :) I made the above to fulfill an order for elegant cupcakes to suit the white theme for the "hantaran".

Classic butter cake revisited

Besides the engagement cakes below, my friend also ordered two butter cakes ... specially for her mother-in-law :) Personally, classic butter cake is my all time favourite especially for tea-time treat. I use only the high grade butter for that rich buttery flavour :)

More engagement cupcakes!

Another set of engagement cupcakes that I made yesterday for a customer. First time that I'm using fondant to top the cupcakes:D