Butter cake for any occasion

Butter cakes are always so delicious and versatile.  You can have them made up for special occasions or just eat them plain. I  (Z here by the way) always enjoy them plain with tea or coffee.

Just to share our recent bakes of butter cakes where we have been requested to do :-
  • for an ex-girlfriend
  • to feed the team who did the qurban during Hari Raya Aidiladha
  • for a mother's birthday
  • for no reason at all! Dad loves butter cake and kids love chocolate. So mommy has requested us to put chocolate icing on the butter cake. It's just for all of them to enjoy :)

the lucky draw winners!

We were quite excited about doing the lucky draw winners the old-fashioned way. Pen, paper, scissors, messy handwriting, and some papercuts.

As we mentioned earlier, everyone who Liked the draw doubled their chances of winning.

And there goes all the names into the cup.

Of course Z the matriarch had the honours. She had to take a break from icing some cupcakes to choose a piece of paper at random.

Elli Suraya Rozlee was the first name she picked!

Strangely dissatisfied with only granting one winner to the lucky draw, we suddenly decided to draw TWO more names to make it a Top 3. This means we've tripled our prizes! And the official winners list of our very first birthday lucky draw are:

  1. Elli Suraya Rozlee — a hot meal set of your choice for two
  2. Lainie Yeoh — a whole pan of blondies
  3. Roshidah Abdul A'ala — a whole pan of brownies
Congratulations! Thank you for being fans of our Facebook and part of our first birthday celebration :) We'll be waiting for your call to make arrangements for your lucky draw prize of choice!
Today we are a year old! We couldn't have asked for a better first year; new friends, old ones, a cozy shop with hardly any complications, people who've written about us and talked to us, and especially people who've welcomed us into their lives and stomachs. People like you.

So from now till November 21, 2010, we're rewarding you with tea or coffee for only RM1 whenever you decide to drop by and have our cookies, cupcakes, brownies or blondies (all of which have gained quite a reputation in just a year).

And if you've liked us on Facebook, even better! We want you to join our Lucky Draw. It only takes just one comment from you; tell us which you'd like most:

A. a dozen cupcakes (butter/orange/choc)
B. whole pan of EITHER brownies OR blondies (mmm)
C. 15 oversized soft cookies of your choice
D. a home-cooked hot meal set for 2 (see Daily Hot Meals on our Page)

One comment later and you've entered our Lucky Draw! 1 entry per Facebook fan only (but we'll double your chances if you Like the contest) The draw also ends on November 21, 2010, so click your way to our Facebook wall and answer the easiest multiple choice question ever.

PS: While you're there on Facebook, why not dig up any photos you've taken of your Cookie Cat experience (in our shop, at home, or an event) and share them in our Fan Photos section? We're looking for photos to put on our wall, and we'd love it if yours was up there with the rest of them.