the cookie cat and mickey mouse

A custom butter cake for a birthday boy! And it has a twin too; a walk-in customer saw this and liked it so much that we have to make another one now. With a different name of course :)

Merry Christmas!!

The Cookie Cat would like to wish all our Christian customers and friends a very Merry Christmas :) Please drive safe if you are travelling during the holidays, ok?

Our fruit cakes.. all wrapped up for Christmas

Ideals as gifts!

Barbie doll in a garden themed cake

We had another order for a Barbie Doll cake :) Customer wanted the pink dress too but this time it's a bigger cake with a garden theme. Glad that everyone enjoyed the cake at the party:)

our Twitter promotion!

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This offer ends 31st December 2009.

our chocolate chip chewy cookie is thiiiiiis big...

for only RM1.50. True story!

chocolate chip chewy cookies

A hot item at The Cookie Cat... you saw the dough earlier :)

Banana with Honey Cinnamon Frosting

Just finished frosting these cupcakes. As the sliced bananas may change their colour after a while, we may just dust the icing with more cinnamon powder. The cupcakes are now available at The Cookie Cat :)

wedding hantaran cake

red hamper

wednesday experiment: potato day

we tried making our own fries on wednesday from scratch, with different herbs / spices. we also tried baked potato with cheese. they tasted good, but we still have a lot to work on before adding it to the menu permanently, if at all.

chewy chocolate chip cookie dough

chewy chocolate chip cookies were a new addition in conjunction with the shop opening, and somehow became a daily hit. they go for RM1.50 each. we need to refill the cookie jar almost every day now, and since the cookies are so big, children have to use both hands to hold one while eating. (they love it)

New flavour in the making

We were testing out the cappuccino cupcakes at The Cookie Cat :) They came out lovely. So, we'll start selling them from next week i.e. Wednesday onwards.

Talking about next week, The Cookie Cat would be closed from Friday 27/11 till Sunday 29/11 in celebration of Hari Raya Aidiladha and for a private function. Come in for your cravings on Monday!

Thank you everyone!

I had set the opening of The Cookie Cat on 11/11/2009 because of the nice date. Little did I realize the huge effort that I had to put in to get the shop ready by that date..chasing the contractor..chasing the suppliers for on time delivery of furniture and appliances..running around for shelves, plates, cups, bowls etc etc till the eve of opening. All at the expense of thorough menu planning and preparation. Nevertheless, The Cookie Cat had a great first day :) thanks to the support of friends and fans out there...and the walk in customers.

We had learnt so many things in the last 5 days..thanks to the feedback received from all of you. We had also received compliments on the cupcakes...and it's such a great feeling to see some coming back for more of the cupcakes :)

The best was from a lady who called me (with this joy and excitement in her voice) to inform that the butter cupcakes are so yummy! She said that she's never been a fan of cupcakes before because they are only nice to look at but are normally hard and sweet. Well, now The Cookie Cat's cupcakes are her favourite. She came in the next day to buy more :) ..this time she bought the orange and chocolate ones too.

birthday cupcakes.

Butter cream topping for these butter cupcakes. We use pure Australian butter...RM52 for a box of 16, RM80 for a box of 25. Smaller quantities will be available at the soon to be opened shop..Each cupcake is RM3.50 each or you can buy 3 cupcakes for RM10 :)

butter cake, fully iced

I am not good with big cakes but learning...learning...This one was an order for Deepavali. Customer wanted it frosted white and pink :)

Happy Deepavali

We would like to wish all our Hindu friends and customers HAPPY DEEPAVALI :) Thank you very much for your support.

new kid on the blog...elephant cupcakes :)

I need to practice more on the elephants......but the boys love them!

crocodile cupcakes!

I made these crocodile cupcake toppers from fondant. The cupcakes are for a little boy whose favourite soft toy is a crocodile that he takes to sleep with:) When the mother requested me to make the cupcakes for his birthday, I was thinking... crocodile from butter cream would be superb for the kids. But the mom wanted something out of fondant as the cakes would be individually boxed as gifts for the guests. The whole birthday party will be crocodile themed ... and there will be a clown to entertain the kids too! Anyway, I had fun making the toppers yesterday :)

Hello Kitty Happy Birthday

I received a call yesterday for an urgent order of cupcakes for a girlfriend's birthday that is today. Initial request was for alphabets topped cupcakes...but he called again to add two Hello Kitty designed cupcakes as the girlfriend loves Hello Kitty:) He was happy when he picked up the cakes at lunch time...sorry that I forgot about the candles....

cappuccino cupcakes..yum yum:)

For a change, I tried out something new today...the cappuccino cupcakes. For the topping, I use white chocolate, butter, sour cream, and icing sugar. Hmmm...they are yummy :) Coffee lovers would love these cupcakes...These will definitely be one of the items on the menu for my cafe :)

Deepavali is round the corner

Hmmm...raya celebration is still going on and Deepavali is coming soon. We are taking orders for Deepavali. So, please call to place your orders..muruku anyone? :)

cup cakes for a boy

Besides the usual "girlie" decorated cupcakes (as someone said it :)), these ones are for a boy...hope your friends at school enjoy them!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

We at The Cookie Cat would like to wish all our Muslim friends and customers Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Thank you very much for your support :) Please excuse us for the belated greeting. Even up to the eve of Hari Raya, we were busy baking cupcakes for a customer to give them as gifts or 'buah tangan' during her Raya visits :)

Here's a photo of our almond cookies :) Hmm, that rich buttery smell when they're fresh out from the oven? Yummy.

Raya cookies

For the past few weeks, we have been busy with baking cookies for Hari Raya:) Finally, the big orders have been delivered ... so we can now take a short break. We have received comments and queries that this blog does not have photos of cookies. Well, you can click on the items listed on the left of the page and it will link to the photos :)

Anyway, here are the peanut cookies and choc chip cookies fresh out from the oven!..hmmm, always love the smell of freshly baked cookies :)

Taking the challenge :)

A friend gave me the challenge of baking Barbie doll designed cake and Car designed cake for his children's birthdays. Knowing that I have never done such cakes before (my big cakes are limited to iced chocolate cakes where I just spread the frosting all over :)), he gave me advanced notice like..two months ago? Celebration is today..but it was only two days ago that I went frantically searching for Barbie and car cake moulds! After one full day and sleeping at 4 am this morning...the above are the results! He was pleased when he came to pick up the cakes just now...but I need to catch up on some sleep now:) Happy Birthday Afiqah and Affiq....

continuing the miniature theme :)

Someone e-mailed me to ask how big are the mini cupcakes? well, the paper cups used for these cakes are like those used for cornflakes cookies. The cup cakes are about 1.5 inches in diameter. These are recent orders for 100 mini cupcakes in purple, pink, and blue theme....

My first miniature cakes...

I have never done miniature cakes before except those during the class that I took quite a while back :) A friend recently requested me to do three as gifts. After doing these for her, I realised how true the saying 'practice makes perfect' is. I took ages to do these 2.5 inches in diameter cakes...

It's black, it's's black, it's pink...

This order was for a recent product launch..colour scheme requested was black and pink. The black ones were chocolate cupcakes while the pink ones were butter cupcakes :) The guests gave their thumbs up!

wedding cupcakes again!..err part 2 :)

Hmmm...somehow I can't seem to post more pics in my earlier posting. So, here's the part 2.

This other order was for a black and white colour theme which was something unusual for a wedding right? Nevertheless, we settled for something black, white, and silver.. and everything turned out lovely! Check it out...

wedding cupcakes again!

This posting should be for last month as the cupcakes were orders for weddings in July. But's better late than never ya. This order for red and silver deco was extremely striking..