Thank you everyone!

I had set the opening of The Cookie Cat on 11/11/2009 because of the nice date. Little did I realize the huge effort that I had to put in to get the shop ready by that date..chasing the contractor..chasing the suppliers for on time delivery of furniture and appliances..running around for shelves, plates, cups, bowls etc etc till the eve of opening. All at the expense of thorough menu planning and preparation. Nevertheless, The Cookie Cat had a great first day :) thanks to the support of friends and fans out there...and the walk in customers.

We had learnt so many things in the last 5 days..thanks to the feedback received from all of you. We had also received compliments on the cupcakes...and it's such a great feeling to see some coming back for more of the cupcakes :)

The best was from a lady who called me (with this joy and excitement in her voice) to inform that the butter cupcakes are so yummy! She said that she's never been a fan of cupcakes before because they are only nice to look at but are normally hard and sweet. Well, now The Cookie Cat's cupcakes are her favourite. She came in the next day to buy more :) ..this time she bought the orange and chocolate ones too.

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