Life is a blessing, as this friend always says :)

They just came back from performing their Umrah. This red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting was ordered as a surprise to celebrate their homecoming as well as their 25th wedding anniversary. A lovely couple, blessed with beautiful children, and showered with love from family and friends. Life is a blessing indeed :)

In addition to the above red velvet cake, I was requested to bake a whole peanut butter and white chocolate blondie to celebrate the birthday of the couple's family member on that same day. It was also a delightful surprise for her. The blondie was gone in a jiffy at the party so much so the birthday girl didn't have enough to herself. Our friend ordered another one the following week for the birthday girl to enjoy. Extra love for her!

Mother's Day Promotions

Mother's Day is just another month away. We will be having some promotions so that you can share our goodies to celebrate that special day with your loved ones. The promotions will be done through The Cookie Cat's page on Facebook. Effective 18 April 2011 until 30 April 2011, for certain updates that we put up on Facebook, the first few persons who make comments to the update will be entitled to buy our goodies at a certain discount. The number of persons, the type of goodies and the amount of discount would be mentioned during the update. With that entitlement, you can e-mail us to confirm your order and date of pick-up.  Last date for pick up of orders will be on Mother's Day i.e. 8 May 2011.

wedding cake and sugar cut out cookies

Besides Mother's Day, next month is also the time for weddings as there will be school holidays again. The following wedding cake was done a few months back. It's a rich butter cake covered with fondant icing. The design was given to us by the groom as the cake was one of his "hantaran" items to the bride.

We were thinking, instead of the usual cakes and cupcakes, sugar cut out cookies would also be great for weddings and party favours. We made these sugar cut out cookies for a mother's birthday. But they would be   excellent as "bunga telur" or "hantaran" items. We can also ice edible image on our cookies!

Then there's a second time

and you try to improve each time :) This is supposed to be a beetle car! Does it look like one? My daughter said that it looks a furry beetle :D Anyway, I am still proud of myself. The end product looks simple but I had to do my research by looking at so many photos of the beetle, at so many angles of the car design before I was able to shape and ice the cake.

To bake the cake, I had used the same car pan that I used for the first blue car. But to achieve the rounded roof for the beetle (as the pan had a flat squarish roof for the car), I put another layer of cake and sculpt the rounded top.

When I was baking this, several customers at the shop had assumed that the cake was for a boy. This classic butter cake was for a young lady who turned twenty-four on 30th March :) - Z