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Sorry if any links are broken, but thank you for the love! And hey, if you've never heard of us before, maybe this will help you figure out what your first order might be :) New additions to our wall are always welcome— just leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

Our appearance on Open For Business with Freda Liu, May 2010.

We were a Juice Best of 2011 nominee!

"However, I did not foresee that the both of us would end up sugar-high and could not order much, save the purr-fect sandwich & 1 red velvet cupcake. But alhamdulillah Yobo loved it as did I. Was just about to make it one of our regular hangouts but Pn Z came up to us and asked "It's your first time here? Did you guys know that tomorrow is my last day here?" She's moving to Hartamas, where she lives as she gets more orders for pick-ups and its closer to home. It was the 2nd anniversary of the cookie cat the next day (11.11.11)."
"I'm not a cupcake guy, but these were delicious." — andrewkjs, foodspotting.com

from Foursquare. (she must have meant double choc...)
"It's no wonder that the treats at Cookie Cat are a hit as Zarina bakes them all with love. She listens to her customers and makes sure to keep them coming back, and come back they do." — Alexa, FriedChillies
from Foursquare

"Pleasures don't get much guiltier than this" — Sean, EatDrinkKL

"It's easy to see why The Cookie Cat is gaining a following rapidly" — Zedeck Siew, KLUE Magazine, September 2010

from Foursquare

"I love their cookies!" — Adira / Anne
"Please do yourself a favour & drop by the cookie cat [...] I am doing this out of sincerity & real lovin." — Afi, Peachdrug

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