new: mini cupcakes!

My little Chinese New Year experiment, and highly successful too! These are orange flavoured mini-cupcakes. Kind of like bite-sized butter cakes, but with an orange aftertaste. I leave a few extra in the fridge and my daughters' friends steal them all the time.

Available on request, and state your flavour of choice!

our amcorp mall flea market stall

where everything began for us. We might be moving to Mont Kiara's weekend flea market soon, just to try new places. We're a little sad to be leaving our regulars at Amcorp, but we're always a phone call away if you need us :)

For example! We delivered a shipment of cookies yesterday to a lovely lady who met up with us at A&W in PJ. My daughter had a root beer float, the lady bought our cookies, and everyone was happy.

Here are some photos of our stall at Amcorp, taken at end of day:

baskets, jars, cakes, cookies, free samples, and cats!

The snack sized steamed fruitcakes.

the larger fruitcakes with packaging you shouldn't throw away.

more butter cake!

  1. spot our super yummy butter cake at our stall / store
  2. take it home, unwrap, and ready your spoon / fork. plate optional.
don't forget to peel and save our little gold sticker! just in case you forget our number and want more cake :)

peanut cookies vs almond cookies

Almost the same size and shape, and equally delicious. Of course everyone has a particular favourite.

These are the peanut cookies (it has been said again and again, but they really do melt in your mouth). The size of the jar is shown next to a plate and coffee cup so you can estimate how many you'll get in one jar (a lot!).

These are the almond cookies. They have this buttery taste (from the melted butter), crunchy (from the roasted chopped almonds) and topped with sesame seeds.. yum.. yum.. perfect for tea.

pictures of cakes :)

the chocolate cake, uncut.

the awesome steamed fruit cake!

the very awesome chocolate cake!

we now sell cupcakes!

and they are selling so well. I didn't think it would get such a great response, but ever since I started selling them, all my other products at the flea market have been almost ignored! Maybe it's because the base for the chocolate and butter cupcakes are actually modified versions of the chocolate and butter cakes that we first started selling with The Cookie Cat. And everyone loves them in guilt-free little sizes with a dash of colour and sinful icing!

Of course we take orders for these cupcakes too. I am still experimenting with different flavours. Just call us to place an order!

cream cheese iced chocolate cake (by request)

Chocolate cake with cream cheese icing - made to order for a customer.

I made some bread pudding for my daughters

with homemade vanilla sauce, right out of the fridge. It's not meant for flea market sale though! Just thought I would share a photo. But I think I am open to taking orders for this, I'm just not sure how to price it yet...