ladybugs cupcakes for the little lady

Sarah's mom had chosen a red, black and green theme for  little Sarah's first birthday cupcakes. It's delightful to see the happy faces at the party where everyone came dressed in red too :)

It's black, it's white...

As both of them loved music, black and white music designed cupcakes were the choice to celebrate the birthdays of a dad and his daughter. These petite butter cupcakes were topped with buttercream icing.

cupcakes for teachers

It's the start of school break! This means we've been involved in lots of teacher-student love.
  • We received orders for several uncut brownies (by the pan!) that a teacher bought for her students.
  • A group of students also bought some for their favourite teacher. 
  • And a headmistress bought 50 cupcakes to treat her teachers with!
Looks like showing appreciation for your favourite educators isn't just for Teachers Day anymore! 

celebrate life

Two sons ordered these cupcakes for their mother, who spent some time this year battling cancer. Like many others, she attended the Relay for Life event organised by National Cancer Society Malaysia over the weekend, and they wanted to surprise her with a few of our treats. We hope she loves them.

L. dropped by to check out the event too! It was manic. The heavy rain in Bukit Jalil definitely did not stop anyone from having fun. The cupcakes were decorated on the fly; had we known purple and yellow were the colours of the day (purple shirts for survivors, yellow for everyone else), we might have reconsidered our cupcake colour scheme. But then again it was a last-minute call, and they were for a mother, not for the event. 

For those who've been having trouble making their way to Subang Jaya to check out our little bake shop, we might have a few solutions in the works. We'll update you soonest!