new look!

like our new website makeover? It's still not done yet though, but should be by the end of this weekend! Expect some new cupcake and stall photos too.

If you're not a website kind of person, we've moved to Mont Kiara flea market. We do love everyone from Amcorp but we're eager to try new territory. Come visit us in Mont Kiara anyway! We'll be selling there tomorrow all day, and parking is only RM1.

Valentine's day is coming...

... and I am making cupcakes to suit the occasion :) Again, all my cupcakes are only made to order, so you'll have to call 019 35-36-35-0 with an idea of what you want and for a quotation. 

These are the first round of lurrrve cookies (not just for Valentine's Day of course). I'll experiment with more designs soon and hopefully take photos for all of you! 

choc chip cookies for charity

In addition to the pink cupcakes, I also made choc chip cookies in small cute packets of 50gm each that were sold for RM5. For each sale RM2 was donated to Gaza victims. Look at the photos! If you like, we are also taking orders for cookies just like these... call us!

more cupcakes!

I received an order for cupcakes to raise funds for the Gaza crisis recently. Since the client's favourite colour was pink, I made 82 cupcakes with pink icing :) The client was pleasantly surprised; she was wearing pink the day she collected them so she blended right in!