handbags and daughters

As her daughter loves handbags, a mother ordered this cake for her birthday:)  To any mother, her child will forever be her baby..no matter how old he or she is. This mother has written this quote "Today my little girl celebrates her 23rd birthday....How time flies..still remember holding this tiny little thing when she came into this world bringing us so much joy...holding her hands to her first day at school, shared her achievements with pride, watch with anxiety as she turns into a teenager and now she is a woman raring to go for all that she desires..". Hmmm...my own little big girl will be celebrating her 23rd birthday soon. We all share the same feeling...

Note: The base is a 1.5 kg chocolate cake. The handbags are made out of cupcakes :)

another blog mention!

We're so delayed, we found yet another awesome blog post about us from January, thanks to Fatin Raihanna!

She also took such lovely photos of the shop (and our old business card). Sorry it took us so long to find your post and thank you for making our day.

All photos taken by Fatin, click here to visit her blog. If you know anyone who's written about us, pretty please share us a link!

Football themed cakes/cupcakes (Part 1)

Ordered by a customer for her friend's birthday. The birthday college girl (not a boy as stated earlier..) is a die hard Manchester United fan (obviously!). Tomorrow these ten cupcakes will be traveling to Melaka to surprise her. 

Funnily enough, these cupcakes caused such a stir in The Cookie Cat! Our boy customers were having their meals in the shop and burst into heated football talk (this team is better than that team, etc etc). They even took pictures! And a regular, Fahmi, went crazy when he walked in and saw these! He promised to come in his MU jersey next week to collect his newly-placed, very similar order.

(The Cookie Cat isn't a die-hard supporter for any team! We just love making football fans happy.)

The Cookie Cat will be at the MAP Art Festival!

You coming too?

Thanks to MapKL for inviting us! RSVP here

Man, we haven't set up booths since the days before our shop. Long-time customers will remember our days in Mont Kiara & especially Amcorp Mall (a rather amusing time for us; we were just starting up & had to learn really fast). To those procrastinating about visiting us in Subang Jaya, this crazy weekend off Jalan Duta should be perfect!

The festival & new arts space promises to be exciting (see what's going on here). In fact, we're completely convinced you will need a sugar rush to keep you going through the day, so come find us for cupcakes, brownies, blondies (like brownies, but with peanut butter & white chocolate), & oversized soft cookies— yummy yet affordable as always!

We're still planning which cupcake flavours to stock. So far we're leaning towards:
  • classic butter
  • classic chocolate
  • orange
  • red velvet (sour cream icing)
  • cappuccino (cream cheese icing)
What do you think? 

Just so you know; our cosy bake shop in Subang Jaya stays open over the weekend as usual.

The Cookie Monster & friends at The Cookie Cat

These butter cupcakes were ordered for a 10 year old boy's birthday. He's a big fan of The Cookie Monster and Elmo, so those characters were specifically mentioned in the order. But we threw in Oscar and some Dirt & Worm cupcakes too :)

baby shower cupcakes (part 2)

A young mother fell in love with our first baby shower cupcakes and ordered 50 of similar designs for her new baby girl's aqiqah. She had also ordered 50 red velvet cupcakes..ate one, and fell in love all over again :D

the cookie cat & mickey mouse (part 2)

A little boy celebrated his birthday on March 13 :) He loves Mickey Mouse. Little Max, we hope that you love these Mickey Mouse and friends cupcakes :)

peanut butter and white chocolate blondies

As opposed to brownies, we have also have blondies at The Cookie Cat :) yummy white chocolate with peanut butter blondies.