Football themed cakes/cupcakes (Part 1)

Ordered by a customer for her friend's birthday. The birthday college girl (not a boy as stated earlier..) is a die hard Manchester United fan (obviously!). Tomorrow these ten cupcakes will be traveling to Melaka to surprise her. 

Funnily enough, these cupcakes caused such a stir in The Cookie Cat! Our boy customers were having their meals in the shop and burst into heated football talk (this team is better than that team, etc etc). They even took pictures! And a regular, Fahmi, went crazy when he walked in and saw these! He promised to come in his MU jersey next week to collect his newly-placed, very similar order.

(The Cookie Cat isn't a die-hard supporter for any team! We just love making football fans happy.)


  1. yeahh... fahmi is an ardent fan of MU and he even 'demanded' me to order the similar cupcakes like you guys did to this college boy for his birthday. :D

  2. Hi! The cupcakes are incredibly fantastic! I love it :) But my question is - what is on the top of the cups? Where did you find these flat and circle "thing" with part of manchester t-shirt, logo of manchester and so on?

  3. owh Maaann!!
    i love it! Kudos to the owner of those creative hands..