baby shower cupcakes!

We're pretty excited about this order, I've always wanted to do baby-shower themed cupcakes :) This customer is a proud mother of a baby girl. Congratulations from The Cookie Cat and we hope your guests enjoy the cupcakes!

dragons and teddy bears

Two brothers with different likes dragons while the other prefers teddy bears :) these are on orange and butter cupcakes. We made the bear toppers from fondant. The dragons are shaped from butter cream icing.

Taking orders for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just a month away. Our peanut cookies and orange cupcakes would be ideal for the celebration :) To avoid any disappointment, call us now to place your orders.

this week, in the cookie cat kitchen!

(a recap for our day off)

1. We received an order for music-themed cupcakes! It was a fun challenge, and totally worth it. The birthday girl called us up saying that she felt bad giving the cupcakes to her friends to eat, because she thought they were so pretty.

2. We experimented with perfecting our Red Velvet recipe. Now it's a seriously better cupcake than ever before.

3. Our oversized brownies have been around for awhile, but are a hit this week :) So are most of our daily comfort foods, especially the rice dishes. We're happy if you're happy. See you next week!

handbags & birthdays

we did have 2010 themed orders on the very last day of 2009, but we felt that our handbag birthday cupcakes on the same day stole the show. what do you think?

The Cookie Cat wishes everyone a warm and friendly beginning of the year! We'll be open on Saturday as usual, come stop by.