Then there's a second time

and you try to improve each time :) This is supposed to be a beetle car! Does it look like one? My daughter said that it looks a furry beetle :D Anyway, I am still proud of myself. The end product looks simple but I had to do my research by looking at so many photos of the beetle, at so many angles of the car design before I was able to shape and ice the cake.

To bake the cake, I had used the same car pan that I used for the first blue car. But to achieve the rounded roof for the beetle (as the pan had a flat squarish roof for the car), I put another layer of cake and sculpt the rounded top.

When I was baking this, several customers at the shop had assumed that the cake was for a boy. This classic butter cake was for a young lady who turned twenty-four on 30th March :) - Z

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