More things to come - a personal note from Z

It is already October 2011 and the quote on my Power Within desk calendar aptly says "Focus your strength and energy into what you do best and approach every challenge with determination". Exactly my thoughts especially in the past few months when I  start to look back at what The Cookie Cat has accomplished for the past two years.

The Cookie Cat's major business is still from orders that we received for custom cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and brownies for celebration of birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and for corporate gifts and baskets. Some of you would have noticed that I would be busy baking at the shop till late at nights (even on days when the shop is empty!). 

I would therefore like to focus on custom orders and deliver The Cookie Cat's goodies out to clients. I would also be exploring in putting out our goodies at certain places. To strengthen the focus and for more flexibility especially in terms of time, I have decided to operate the baking activities out of The Cookie Cat's home instead of the shop in Subang Jaya. Part of our home is being converted into a working cum baking studio. So The Cookie Cat will be moving out of Casa Tiara before end of this year.

That's the update that I would like to share for now - Z

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