The Cookie Cat Day Out!

The Cookie Cat will be attending 'A Day Out With MAKNA Kids: Bring Cheers & Share The Pain' at The Wet World in Shah Alam tomorrow! (That's Saturday the 1st of October).

The event is organized by our dear friend Dr Azma and team under Together We Can Make a Difference. So don't come find me at the shop. Instead you can join me at The Wet World or call TheCookieCat at! Anyone can come. The program starts at 8 in the morning.

For the event, I baked sunshine cookies for the kids. These are sugar cut-out cookies and I drew the happy sunshine on the cookies using royal icing - Z

After drawing the happy faces, I left the cookies out for the royal icing to dry. I just can't help but smile looking at these cookies :)

The cookies are then sealed in plastics and decorated with doilies and ribbons.

All the sunshine cookies go into a basket, ready to bring some cheer to the kids :)

Come join us tomorrow! 

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