Spongebob party for a princess... or a belated Mother's Day write up

I've known the mother for a while, a lovely petite lady whom some thought to be only in her teens :)  I'm not sure how many miscarriages that she had gone through in trying to conceive a child. But after several attempts, a beautiful baby girl was born. She was aptly named Shya Putri (where "Putri" means Princess). After all the mother had gone through, lovely Putri is a miracle baby...and I feel so proud to do this birthday cake in celebration of her first birthday recently :) - Z

This is a 2 kg chocolate cake with chocolate icing and decorated with edible images of Spongebob and friends. From the photos that mommy subsequently put up for us to see, the whole party was themed in yellow and brown Spongebob decorations :)

Mommy was worried that the cake would not be enough for the guests. So she requested for some mini cupcakes as well. These are lemon mini cupcakes in Spongebob yellow and brown (chocolate icing) theme colours of course.

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