Painting the town Red Velvet!

Our red velvet cakes and cupcakes have been  painting the town red (of course!!). They're moist and yummy; and we frost them with cream cheese icing.

Just to share our recent bakes for celebrations of birthdays, wedding anniversaries, reunions, or for no reason at all...just for one to indulge :)

 6 inch red velvet cake frosted with cream cheese icing and decorated with fresh strawberries

red velvet cupcakes just out from the oven
 the red velvet cupcakes fully frosted and decorated with sugar sprinkles

  9 inch red velvet cake for a birthday party

 this red velvet cake is additionally decorated with red macaroons and edible image

red velvet cupcakes can supplement the red velvet cake if you have more guests at the party

this is just a no frill 6 inch cake if you want to indulge :)

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