An last!!

It's been such a long time since we last updated this blog. If you have visited our stall at the Amcorp flea market in December, you would have noted that we have added some new favourites to our product lists i.e. The Almond Cookies, Chocolate Cupcakes, and Butter Cupcakes :)

I have been baking The Almond Cookies for my family for years. Topped with sesame, they have this rich buttery taste, and the chopped almond make the cookies crunchy too. I just love these cookies and initially hesitated to bake them for sale as they really need to be kept in air tight containers and when served, they can't be served on a plate or in a container with other cookies as The Almond Cookies would absorb the moisture from the other cookies. The texture and flavour would then be lost. But some customers who are not so much into peanuts, have been asking for almond cookies. So do my friends who have tasted the cookies. So, I have started selling them and they have been a sold out! Of course, for each customer, I will still remind them on the storage needs for these cookies...soon I will need to add the instructions on the jar :)
Well, I need to go for now...will update on the cupcakes later. Hopefully, not too long after :) 
But before that The Cookie Cat would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!! May 2009 be a blessed and fruitful year for all.

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