the cookie cat's debut

We started selling for the first time just outside Starbucks in Amcorp Mall. Z has heard a lot about the flea markets on Sunday but have never participated before. I designed a cute little sign for our stall (our stall was rather big, we were afraid we couldn't fill it all two tables up) and we photocopied it into flyers for people who asked.

We were nervous since it was our first time handling things like this. Can we just say a big THANK YOU to window shoppers and customers who really helped us out with their advice? It's amazing how little things slipped our minds, like price tags! Kind people like you are the ones who will help us improve The Cookie Cat for everyone :)

Another piece of feedback we kept on receiving was to make a website, so people could place their orders online and keep in touch with my new project! So here you have it. I've started this site for my mother, and hopefully she'll learn more about how to update it as we go along.

We're planning on filling this up with
  • pictures
  • updates
  • new menu additions
  • dates and locations of TCC stalls
  • prices and order details
  • maybe even a recipe or two?
Hmm. In the meantime please please bookmark this url: and pass it to your friends!

Happy eating!

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