Yesterday sales went through the roof! The Cookie Cat is still open today at Amcorp but it's run by my friend while I'm back at home baking more peanut cookies. Yesterday the peanut cookies were sold out. One customer commented that the cookie melts in your mouth :)

We've been getting text messages asking for more of this and more of that, which I sincerely didn't expect. The response has been incredible. I had to wake up at 4am this morning to bake and catch up with everyone.

We got the business cards ready in time after all yesterday, so for those of you who came here because of the cards, hello! And if you text us with your feedback, thank you so much :)

Yesterday the fruit cakes were selling well too. I am not a big fan of fruit cake until I tasted this steamed fruit cake made by my friend's aunt who is already in her 70s. It's delicious and moist with this rich fruit flavour. The cake would make as a great gift and we do have special packages for different sizes.

a little tired but thrilled,

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