Orange Cakes

At this time, most of the shopping malls and public places have put up their decorations to usher in the Chinese New Year of the dragon. What I love most is the variety of mandarin oranges available during this season. I love oranges and I drink orange juice almost everyday at breakfast. I love to use them in my bakes too.

One of The Cookie Cat's popular bakes is the Orange Syrup Cake. Every time I bake this cake, the song "I'm beautiful, in every single way" will be playing in my head because the cake is beautiful, moist, gorgeous, and most importantly, delicious.

This is the orange cake before the syrup is poured over it.

One whole orange (juice and rind) goes in the cake and I use another whole orange (juice and rind) to make the syrup. So, you can really taste the orange in this cake, and the syrup (where I use less sugar) makes the cake moist.

Well, if you are not a big fan of syrup, then you can opt for just the orange cake. We do bake the orange cake in the usual round or square pans. We do smaller cakes in the rectangular foil pans too. These are popular for tea time on any day.

Hmmm...let's have some for tea now :)

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