Football themed cakes/cupcakes/cookies (Part 4)

I realised the other day that someone had thought that I was a Manchester United (ManU) fan because I only have ManU themed cakes and cupcakes on this blog. Well, I have actually done other football clubs themed cakes, cupcakes, and cookies as well. I've just been bad in updating my blog these days.

Anyway, I'm not a fan of any football club. But I enjoy baking for their fans though :)

This Liverpool cake is a one kg rich lemon cake frosted with buttercream icing and edible image of the club logo.

Liverpool cookies. These are our "as big as your face" chocolate chip cookies for a big Liverpool fan. He loves our cream cheese brownies too. So, these were done for his birthday.

These Liverpool themed cupcakes are for Kat's birthday :)

Arsenal cake. This is a one kg rich chocolate cake for a big fan of Arsenal, of course! :)

Arsenal themed chocolate chip cookies..the regular ones and the "as big as your face" ones too.

To celebrate the birthday of a fan, we had baked this one kg Chelsea chocolate cake at the request of his friends. He was so happy that he came to thank me personally.

This one kg Arsenal classic butter cake was ordered by a wife for her husband's birthday.

ManU fans have also given us good support, requesting us to bake these chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, and cakes for their celebrations.

ManU chocolate chip cookies!

ManU cupcakes!

We have recently baked this Rangers Football Club themed chocolate cake with cream cheese icing. The birthday boy is so happy with it!

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  1. I am taking part if the SquidAngel "I love that word" Quest and I thought of your lens. I have already squidliked your lens but I will give you my angel blessing. My dad used to call me his cupcake. Angel blessings**