Wedding cakes, cupcakes, and cookies

Wedding cakes

School holidays are round the corner and I just did another wedding cake for a hantaran. This one is for a young bride who is still studying. Her marriage is an arranged one, which I find it amazing in these days. But she is a lovely, beautiful and obedient girl. She has informed me that she wanted roses on her cake.. pink and white roses. So, I did this cake for her.

Some of the other wedding cakes and cupcakes that I have done but didn't get the chance to share in this blog.

This cake is covered with fondant and decorated with lilies.

This one is decorated with calla lilies

This is how it looks after being place on one of the hantaran trays.

Green and peach themed wedding cake

and the cupcakes to be given out as wedding favors.

Wedding cupcakes

Pink roses and green theme on these hantaran cupcakes.

Maroon and pink roses on these.. one of my favourite combination of colours.

Peach roses and cream themed hantaran cupcakes

Customer just mentioned that she wanted something pink and white and I did these orchids and hearts cupcakes :)

White and lilac daffodils cupcakes! Another favourite colour combination of mine :)

The theme for these wedding hantaran cupcakes is purple and white. But in the photo, the purple daises turn blue.

These Bride and Groom cupcakes are really cute! The icing on these are buttercream but the heart shapes are made out of fondant.

These cupcakes have carnations that are made out of buttercream

Cookies as wedding favors

These chocolate chip cookies are decorated with edible image of the bride and groom, individually sealed and boxed. They are given out as wedding favors.

These are bite sized chocolate chip cookies that are also given out as wedding favors.

Some customers prefer our regular sized chocolate chip cookies like these as wedding favors.

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