Birthday cakes for Moms

I love baking cakes for mothers. They are so special and should not be celebrated only on Mother's Day. Somehow, I always want to do a bit extra when someone asks me to bake for his or her mom.

I met this wonderful boy during my last vacation. He has recently requested me to bake a cake for his mom. Today is her birthday. All he mentioned was "I think cream or soft colour would be fine". So I bake a heart shaped cake and decorated it blue, white, and little specks of yellow. This is a one kg butter cake.

Here's another cake that I have baked quite a while back but didn't get the chance to upload before. This cake is for a young mother. So it's the husband who has ordered for her birthday. Hence, the 'butter fingers' hehe :) This is also a one kg butter cake.

Then there is this cake where a mother has requested for her daughter who is also a mother. I can feel the love in the message as I was decorating this butter cake. Just love the love!

Here's a birthday cake for a mother who is also a grandmother. I did the butterflies out of fondant and dust  them lightly with silver just to make them glossy. Another one kg butter cake.

One more cake that I would like to include in this update. One young talented girl has requested me to do a birthday cake for her cool mom who loves yoga.  So, here's a yoga cake! This is our one kg Rich chocolate cake.

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