Friendship cupcakes

Getting out of a relationship is never easy especially if the relationship has lasted for so long. You'll feel a sense of loss as the person whom you share and do all the things with, is no longer there by your side. Suddenly, there's no one for you to talk to, to laugh with, to share jokes with.

Support and love from friends and family during this period would ease the pain. The greatest blessing of all is for you to eventually come out loving yourself more, recognising the strength that you have within and acknowledging that you're still beautiful inside and out.

These girl power cupcakes and cookie went out to cheer someone and to celebrate that blessing :)

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  1. I received a text from her friend "just wanted to say thank you for the cupcakes and cookie!!! She was really touched and I heard they were yum! Thank you! Hugs!". Such note really makes my day :) Thank you dear.