Our most popular goodies - Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Over the years our chocolate fudge brownies has grown to be the most popular goodies among our customers. The brownies has also grown more sophisticated where it gets dressed and decorated for certain occasions :)

The chocolate fudge brownies before going into the oven...full of chocolate chip cookies.

Once baked and cut, you can see how moist the brownies is...yums!

The brownies is good as a birthday "cake". You can also just say it with our chocolate fudge brownies.

We can also put your image (edible icing) on the brownies

or fully cover it as a birthday "cake"

These are cut brownies, decorated as wedding brownies "hantaran".

These are decorated with edible icing and given out as corporate gifts for new year.

I baked these heart shaped brownies as gifts for the cancer kids during our day out with MAKNA kids

This huge chocolate fudge brownies comprised of three of our regular sized brownies, covered in chocolate icing and edible image .. for a farewell party.

Oh, by the way, we can also do a variation to this brownies. Instead of chocolate chips, we can add M&M ..so you'll have M&M chocolate fudge brownies!

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